Minneapolis Television Network

Serving as the city of Minneapolis' Community Media Center for over 30 years and counting.

Minneapolis Television Network

An alternative, locally based, locally sourced option

for anyone seeking to connect and build community through the media.

Minneapolis Television Network

Through the resources we offer we empower people

to become engaged and productive leaders in our community.

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Community Media Stations throughout the country have reached a pivotal juncture, in our history. What started as a way to provide access for discussion, information and connections between communities has become a platform to increase social, civic and economic equity. Digital access provides a distinct political, social and economic advantage. 
At MTN we want to be a 21st century media center to improve lives, build common understandings, and grow economic opportunities, so all citizens have the right to participate in the life of the community. Last year our Board of Directors outlined a vision for sustainable strategies for MTN’s economic stability, growth and relevance to the community. 
THE MTN MISSION is to operate a media center that helps citizens develop skills to increase the social, civic, and economic equity in our community via the transformative art of creating and broadcasting media.
To advance our strategic plan:
  • We are changing how you access MTN studios, equipment, services, and channels. 
  • We are making access more affordable
  • We will offer more services, trainings and partnership opportunities. 
  • We will implement these changes over the next few months.
If you are a current member we are extending your 2016 membership plans, until we launch the new access fees plans. Stay tuned for more information. If you have questions please contact Tene Wells at tene@mtn.org or call me at (612) 331 8575.

The Minneapolis Television Network
Your community media center

Located in the heart of North East Minneapolis, with studio facilities in the Thorp Building, MTN gives voice to every resident of the city and connects us to our community. We offer regular media training to anyone interested in harnessing the connective power of media to say something about the city we live in and love.

To this end, MTN broadcasts community-based, community-focused programming—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—on our three channels on the local Comcast Cable network. Each of MTN's channels has its own unique focus.

 Channel 16/Connect offers community affairs programming, news & information, public discussion, politics & government. 

 Channel 17/Create is home to cultural and educational programming made by local artists & creatives and by MTN's vibrant Youth Programs.

 Channel 75/Inspire features a diverse array of religions and spiritual programming from around the region.


MTN's community-focused programming is created by members of the community just like you.


For more information about our facilities, training, programs, and other services, please contact us today!

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