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MTN Public Corporation status FAQs (provided by the City of Minneapolis)



The Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (MTN) was established by the City in 1983 to provide public access television services for Minneapolis residents.


The MTN bylaws identify City Council members and the mayor as "the Members" of the Corporation, and all nine MTN board members as "the Directors." The board directors are all appointed by the City. In recent years, MTN board directors and staff have expressed interest in making changes to the bylaws in order to be able to appoint board members and make other structural changes to the board,  without the City's involvement. In addition, MTN has expressed that the organization would have access to additional grants if the City had less involvement.


The City has a contract for services with MTN in the form of an annual professional services agreement.



Q: What is the change?

A: The City is passing a resolution, affirming MTN's legal status; MTN will no longer be a public nonprofit. It can be a nonprofit  without  the City's elected officials as members of the corporation. As a result, the City's elected officials will not appoint board members or perform other functions of members.


Q: Why is a change necessary?

A: The exemption that allowed MTN to continue to exist as a public nonprofit no longer applies. Continuing as a public nonprofit is not an option under state law.


Q: What happens to MTN?

A: MTN can continue to operate as a nonprofit organization. MTN continues to provide public access services as required under its contractual agreement.


Q: Will there be a change in public access services provided to the public?

A: The public access services required of MTN under its contract with the City remain the same. Among the requirements are the following: operate the public access channels, maintain and operate a public access center, provide education and training for residents, and maintain equipment.


Q: Will MTN board meetings be open to the public?

A: It will be up to the MTN board to determine how to conduct its meetings.


Q: How will board members be appointed?

A: It will be up to the MTN board to establish the board appointment process.


Q: What steps does MTN need to take to make this transition?

A: MTN will need to amend its bylaws. In doing so, it will need to make decisions about how it will conduct meetings, and appoint board members. MTN may also need to amend its Articles of Incorporation.


Q: Does this change MTN's funding?

A: This change does not affect the portion of MTN's funding provided by the City. MTN receives quarterly payments from the City, based on the terms of an annual professional services agreement.


Questions: Bridgette Bornstein, City of Minneapolis Communications.

Download MTN FAQ.

The Minneapolis Telecommunications Network
is your media access zone

Located in the heart of North East Minneapolis, with studio facilities in the Thorp Building, MTN gives voice to every resident of the city and connects us to our community. We offer regular media training to anyone interested in harnessing the connective power of media to say something about the city we live in and love.

To this end, MTN broadcasts community-based, community-focused programming—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—on our three channels on the local Comcast Cable network. Each of MTN's channels has its own unique focus.

 Channel 16 (The Connect Network) offers community affairs programming, news & information, public discussion, politics & government. 

 Channel 17 (The Create Network) is home to cultural and educational programming made by local artists & creatives and by MTN's vibrant Youth Programs.

 Channel 75 (The Inspire Network) features a diverse array of religions and spiritual programming from around the region.


MTN's community-focused programming is created by members of the community just like you.

For more information about our facilities, training, programs, and other services, please contact us today!

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