Minneapolis Television Network

Serving as the city of Minneapolis' Community Media Center for over 30 years and counting.

Minneapolis Television Network

An alternative, locally based, locally sourced option

for anyone seeking to connect and build community through the media.

Minneapolis Television Network

Through the resources we offer we empower people

to become engaged and productive leaders in our community.

Video: True Strides


MTN operates a media center that helps citizens develop skills to increase the social, civic, and economic equity in our community via the trans-formative art of creating and broadcasting media.  

Community media distinguishes itself from other media by actively promoting access and participation in the processes of media operations, administration and production

MTN provides invaluable opportunities for community access, participation, training, experimentation and innovation in television production. 



·         To improve the quality of our program


Give more people the opportunity to tell their story, share their opinions and express the freedom of speech

·         Facilitate and strengthen communities’ engagement.

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