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Our Mission

MTN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides access to training, resources, and opportunities which encourage entrepreneurship, increase employability, and help people leverage technology for creative and professional advancement.

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Our Story

The Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (MTN) was established in 1984 to give the public access to cable broadcast through a charter between the cable companies and the City of Minneapolis. MTN provided that public access to technical training, a studio space for creators, and a platform for free speech for over 35 years. 

In 2020, our mission evolved with the times, and we have refined our focus to enhance and broaden the exchange of ideas and information by making technology and the tools of media more accessible to the community, thereby increasing technical and digital literacy.

We do this through virtual classes, productions, and collaborative creative projects with other community organizations. 

Meet the Team

Since 2017, MTN has been managed by Ninja Media International, a local media company owned and managed by Valerie Lockhart and Troy Peterson.

Valerie Lockhart

Executive Director

Troy Peterson

Creative and Technical Director

MTN Board of Directors

  • David Allison – Board Chair – Expertise: Application Development, Data Analysis
  • Anthony WareVice-Chair Expertise: Freedom of Information Act requests, Data Privacy Regulations, Legal Compliance

  • Mohamad AlamehTreasurer – Expertise: M.B.A., Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship/Social Enterprise Management
  • Michelle Kimbrough – Secretary – Expertise: Technology and Non-Profit Governance, Project Management, Compliance and Organizational Management
  • Bridget Doran – Expertise: Blockchain Technology, Compliance, Organizational Development, Data Management
  • Misty Lewis – Expertise: Community Media, Design, Communications, Public Outreach

  • Andrew Schumacher – Expertise: Production, Computer Recycling and Maintenance, 3D Printing Technology

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