Teachers and Parents

Field Trips, Parties, and Workshops

Bring your class, family, or friends to MTN for super fun television studio extravaganza! Ever wanted to make the news, literally? Are you the next Oprah or Ellen or John Stewart? Want to get freaky with a blue screen that can make you look like you’re on the moon or in a music video? Give us two hours and 10-20 of your best friends or classmates and we can help you produce a short studio show that you can take home or watch on tv on our Channel 17/Create!

Make the News 2-4 hours, 7-20 People This field trip can be customized to fit your needs. We will give you a fast-paced, hands-on intro to our studio and then you will decide who is on the crew and who is the talent. We will help you create a serious or hilarious news cast that you will get to preview before you go!

Music Video Magic 1-3 hours, 7-20 People This workshop will show you the ropes of our studio and train you in on what’s possible with our lights and fabulous blue screen. You bring your favorite tunes and we will help you rock behind or in front of a camera.

Customized Workshops/Field Trips/Birthday Parties: You tell us what you want to learn or what you want to create and our staff will help you and your family, friends, or students make it happen.

Top 5 Reasons to visit MTN:

  1. Hands-on activities engage and excite all ages from 5 to 95
  2. MTN is committed to supporting the next generation of media makers
  3. Our studio equipment can expose young people to the world of professional possibilities as media makers or television producers
  4. MTN’s memberships are affordable so you or the young people who love what they do can keep using our resources and further their training
  5. It’s really, really fun AND you get to be on tv!



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