Access and training on a wide variety of media related technologies and entrepreneurship.  From hardware and software, to skills, tips, and tricks of the media trade, by becoming a member of MTN you get access to classes, collaboration, and support for your creative projects. 



In addition to our certification courses, we are currently scheduling classes in G-Suite, iMovie, Audio production, and the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Other, more specific one-off classes are available and will be promoted on our event calendar and social media. 

Certification courses on our in-studio equipment, general production, and basic editing are available for members upon request.
We are holding community training sessions Tuesday and Thursday evenings from approximately 5-8pm.
Call (612) 331-8575 for further details.  


Video Distribution Services

We will help you get your project out to a larger audience! Through the 3 channels we schedule programming for, as well as the social media outlets we provide, MTN can help to amplify your voice and extend your outreach to thousands of people in the Twin Cities viewing area and beyond. We also provide fiscal agency for grant proposals and can act as a media outreach partner on your community projects. Contact Valerie Lockhart at val@mtn.org for more information. 


Studio Rentals and Event Space 

Need to host an event or shoot a larger production in a great, affordable location? Look no further. Our ADA accessible space is great for approximately 200 people, with multiple breakout rooms and a stage and lounge area great for presentations or ceremonies. Large projection screens and monitors are available, as well as multiple PA systems for audio, and plenty of chairs and tables.  

To discuss your upcoming project/event needs, please call Valerie Lockhart at (612) 331-8575 or email val@mtn.org