At MTN we want to be a 21st century media center to improve lives, build common understandings, and grow economic opportunities, so all citizens have the right to participate in the life of the community. Last year our Board of Directors outlined a vision for sustainable strategies for MTN’s economic stability, growth and relevance to the community.

THE MTN MISSION is to operate a media center that helps citizens develop skills to increase the social, civic, and economic equity in our community via the transformative art of creating and broadcasting media.
We welcome and encourage anyone interested in learning how to produce media, learn about public access, our studios and equipment to give us a call.

We are suspending all of our group classes and orientation until we launch the access program model, in early 2017. We will continue to offer opportunities to learn basic studio, camera and post production trainings for a nominal fee of $25 - $50 for private lessons. To arrange a private orientation or training session call us at (612) 331-8575.