Become a Sponsor

Creating television is an art as much as it is a learned craft. Every year MTN hosts hundreds of community television productions in our space and on our channels, teaching community members in Minneapolis how to connect with each other through the media.

When you choose to sponsor a program or time on any of our channels you make community media and media education accessible to the city. For thirty years, our producers have captured the corners of our city that we may not have otherwise seen; inspiring our community to live vibrantly and in harmony.

There are a few ways that you can support MTN with a sponsorship.

Viewer Membership: This sponsorship lets you support MTN with a small fee (of just $25). As a benefit, you receive our newsletter, special messages about what’s going on at MTN, and a nice little memento of our appreciation.

MTN Sponsorship: Starting at just $100, you can name yourself or your organization an official sponsor of an MTN program, production, block of time, channel, or service (such as youth or adult education) that you would like to underwrite. You can also simply sponsor MTN programming in general.

Donor: You can donate goods and services to our organization for our youth programs and events.

For any and all sponsorships and donations, you or your organization will receive specific benefits, including: information and news about MTN, recognition on our website, channels, and throughout our network (of 80,000 cable subscribers and 1,500+ social media followers); special discounts and offers to MTN events; special MTN swag, and so on.

For more information on how you can become a benefactor for media justice and community-based media programming contact Paige Tighe at or 612-331-8575 x313