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Community media is a pillar of our democracy. It provides all of our citizens with the opportunity to share their views and opinions with a broader audience. In addition to providing a platform for discussion, community media also helps train people to become better communicators to sell products and share ideas more effectively. For 30 years, our producers have captured the stories that may not have otherwise been heard; inspiring our community to live vibrantly and in harmony.

MTN strives to build a vibrant democracy in which free speech; artistic innovation, community activism and local voices are protected, celebrated, and shared. We believe in the transformative art of creative broadcasting media.

To reach this goal, we must rely on the direct support of community members, local businesses, foundations and other local institutions to help us continue to provide the services and programming that residents of Minneapolis have enjoyed for 30 years.

Please consider donating to MTN today! Any amount of money will go a long way in providing opportunities for local community members around Minneapolis to connect with others and express themselves through community media. All donations are tax deductible.


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