Studio Space

Have your own equipment and just want to film in our Studio? Interested in using the Green Screen, but don't have a need for the Studio Equipment? This is the certification for you!


In this 30-minute training, you will learn the basics of MTN's reservation procedures, and how to utilize the lights, curtains, and props in MTN's Studio A and Studio B. After you are certified, you will be able to reserve the studio for your own filming purposes. This training DOES NOT grant access to any of the studio equipment, or any of the control-room facilities. It is intended for people who would like to make use of our studio space, green screen, or set props to film on their own cameras, or MTN's portable cameras. 


Studio cannot be reserved for meetings or gatherings except under special curcumstaces pre-approved by our staff. Studio Space reservations are intended for filming. Not for use by organizations unless the organization is a premeir member.


For more information or to request a class or certification to use our Studio Space, contact us at