Studio Production

Get your hands on a full studio with multiple cameras to produce great programs from talk shows to musical performances. This workshop involves graphics training, background manipulation, enhanced audio and creative lighting and set designs.


This workshop is for those interested in creating a fully-crewed studio show. Only one adult is required to have a membership and pay the workshop fee- the rest of your crew can come and learn for free! Bring at least two other people, and learn to work together to set up your lighting, sound, stage, and graphic effects. Learn to use the green-screen, plan your musical performances, and insert images and webcontent.  This workshop will prepare you and your crew members to do most basic activities in MTN's Studio A or B. You'll also be taught how to use our Studio Express, so that if your crew cannot make it to a shoot, you can still produce your show without them. 


Instructor: Todd Wardrope

Certification: Studio A and B


Requirements to Schedule a Workshop: One person ("you") must pay one workshop fee. Only you will be certified to reserve and use the studio. At least two other adults must be present at all workshop sessions- your crew trains for free and don't have to be members! Once you finish the workshop, you will be required to be present for your crew to work in the studio. If your crew members decide they want to run their own show, they must pay the workshop fee, but will not have to take the class again. Please call MTN if you have any questions.


For more information or to request a class or certification for Studio Production, contact us at