Advanced Editing: Adobe Premiere

Use Adobe Premiere to edit your professional-quality video. Premiere is a highly professional-quality editing software. With a familiar layout and integration with the rest of Adobe's production suite, Premiere is the best option for working with complex workflows, or for those who have previous experience in editing.


Sessions: Weekday classes are two, 2-hour sessions. Weekend classes are 1, 4-hour session w/ lunch break.

Produce professional-looking videos using the most recent release of our professional-level editing system, Adobe Premiere. Get ready to be amazed by the wide range of options available to you and learn to edit your show in style. Adobe Premiere lets you edit like any other editing software you may have used before- by importing your clips and editing them on the timeline before export. What makes Adobe Premiere special is how efficient the process is, how many unique effects, transitions, titles, and options you have, and how EASY it is to use. No more converting clips in ClipWrap before import, no more waiting for things to render. You can skip the complicated format setup, you never have to manually save, and you can start working right away, without waiting for your clips to import fully. If you are already using iMovie or Final Cut at MTN, we think you'll appreciate the newest features of Adobe Premiere. Ask one of our staff members today! 


Instructor: Jordan Thompson

Prerequisite: Editing Experience or Instructor Consultation


For more information or to request a class or certification on Adobe Premiere Editing, contact us at