Submission Guidelines


Minneapolis area producers from any ethnic group, race, religion, political affiliation, gender or sexual orientation may submit programs.  Producers are responsible for the content of their programs and for complying with MTN policies.   
Series: A program that maintains a recurrent timeslot once a week, with the understanding that at least one new program must be produced every four weeks.
Stand-Alone: A program submitted for airplay in four distinct timeslots not distinguished by a weekly schedule or total running time. 
Channel Time 
To help generate consistent viewership, MTN schedules Series programs in weekly 30 minute and 1 hour timeslots, subject to availability of channel time. An individual producer may schedule a maximum of two separate timeslots for two different Series programs per week. No producer may exceed two hours of Series programming per week, however, producers are open to submit Stand-Alone programs aside from Series programs.
Program Content Restrictions
All producers are subject to suspensions if they submit programs with any of the following MTN policy violations:
  • Commercial business addresses
  • Commercial business phone numbers
  • Prices for ANY product, service, or event
  • Advertising material
  • Solicitation of ANY kind for donations
  • Obscene material
  • Libelous or slanderous material
  • ANY lottery information
  • Underwriting credits longer than 30 seconds (total)
  • Underwriting credits containing comparative or qualitative language about the underwriter  
To Make a Program Submission
  • Attend the Free MTN Orientation
  • Submit a Series or Stand-Alone Channel Time Request Form (located at MTN's main entrance or online:
  • To initiate a Series program- submit three completed shows with a Time Request Form
Media Formats
MTN accepts media recorded on DVD (DVD-R) and Electronic File Submission (through
ALL OTHER forms of media will be RETURNED without airplay.     
All DVD submission requirements:
  • Contain only the program.
  • NOT contain multiple chapters or menus
  • NOT contain black before/after the show
  • NOT contain color bars
  • NOT have a sticker on the DVD
  • Must have a proper case
Media Label Requirements
All accepted DVD’s will be marked with the following information:
  • Title of program
  • Your name
  • Title of episode
  • Your contact info
  • Total running time
  • Date for airplay
TRT  (Total Running Time)
The total running time of a program refers to the actual time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) between the first and last frame to be aired. The TRT does not include length of color bars, countdown, or black at the beginning or end of the tape.
  • For a Series program that maintains a 30-minute timeslot the expected TRT is 28:30.
  • For a Series program that maintains a 60-minute timeslot the expected TRT is 58:30.
Programs exceeding timeslot lengths will be cut at the discretion of MTN.
Playback Schedule
The playback for Series programs adheres to the following schedule:
Monday Friday – 10am
Tuesday Friday – 10am
Wednesday Monday – 10am
Thursday Tuesday – 10am
Friday Wednesday – 10am
Saturday Thursday – 10am
Sunday Thursday – 10am
Maximum Number of Repeats
MTN reserves the right to cancel a Series program without notification after all episodes have aired in the assigned timeslot FOUR times. When a timeslot has been deemed abandoned it will be opened for the use of other programming. MTN encourages producers who lose their timeslots to apply for new timeslots or submit their programming in Stand-Alone form. 


Download the Submission Guidelines(PDF).