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Channel 17/Create: Arts & culture, lifestyle topics (including sports, documentaries & slice-of-life, humor & comedy, food, families and parenthood, and so on), and youth & education


MTN believes that its future vibrancy relies on the young media makers and artists of Minneapolis.

With that in mind, in 2013 we retooled our Channel 17/CREATE to focus on local working artists, on the art and culture of the Minneapolis region, and on youth and education. This means, addition to making it simpler and more appealing for local DIY-documentarians and young filmmakers to submit to us and have their programs and videos seen by Minneapolis, we’re also seeking to partner with, provide media training to, and offer an open media portal for all sorts of artists who may like to make the media a regular part of their artistic practice.

A recent video compilation series—Thirteen Ways of Looking at Minneapolis—is early example of this effort. We are currently working with members of the Minneapolis literary community to develop a regular video showcase of events and opportunities and with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to develop a broadcast pipeline for media arts students to have their work seen by people in Minneapolis.

If you’re an artist, or a member of an artist community, we would love to hear any additional ideas you may have for getting involved in Channel 17/CREATE and making it a vital resource and media outlet for local art and artists. 



Watch an episode of our newest show, "Hellavision" which brings together a ton of great animation artists' work (may include adult content):