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The Party is On!

We're getting together some of our citie's most creative talent, setting the mood, serving up some delights, and letting the cameras roll! Thursday November 14th at the Minneapolis Photo Center we will be there to commemorate our history, honor you, and have an awesome time! add us to your calendar today or purchase your ticket now!

MTN's Youth Just Got A Real Boost

A familiar face is stepping in to fill our open Youth Programs Coordinator position: Jessica Talley, who served as MTN's Americorps member this past year. In her new position, Jessica will be charged with managing and developing various youth programs such as several Teen Councils, Voices Multiplied classes, a Step Up Internships, and other projects as they come up. Jessica has lived in Minneapolis for only two years, but she loves the city and is passionate about helping young people share their creativity, passion, and ideas with our community.

Youth Department, Moving Right Along

Somali Youth Filmmakers is a 10 week program being run in partnership with the Minneapolis
Institute of Arts. This program brings together about twelve middle-school and early high-school
aged Somali Youth with two Somali media makers who are members of MTN. The youth will be
trained in media production, storytelling, and editing skills, and they will work in groups to create
short pieces of media focused on their cultural and community identities. The MIA is hosting
Abdulkadir Said, a Somali filmmaker, on September 21st at 1:30pm to screen and discuss his
latest film, Aleel, with the youth filmmakers. This event is open to the public (the film is in Somali,
but discussion will be in English). The MIA will also host a screening of the films created by the
Somali Youth Filmmakers on January 25th.

The Young Immigrants Teen Council is a 12 week program funded in part by the Metropolitan
Regional Arts Council. This program partners an MTN media maker with 8 young people who are
first or second generation immigrants. Much of the class is taught in Spanish. Youth will learn
intermediate film, storytelling, and editing skills, and will create 5 minute pieces on issues of their
choosing. There will be a screening of media produced as part of this program in early 2014.

Also- keep an eye out for the Youth Department on Social Media.
This month, we'll be creating a new Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account!

Celebrating 35 Years

Our community partner and yours is celebrating three and a half decades of supporting us with brilliant radio programming. They are accepting birthday donations and all the love you can spare. This page will give you more information and help you get your donation to them in a hurry!
Happy birthday, KFAI, many more to come and grow!

Photo Credit: Siyad Salah

Hussein Samatar:
Man of Honor, Warmth and Vision

Healthy Babies, Healthy Futures: Ending the Cycle of Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Exposure - See more at: http://www.mofas.org/2013/05/healthy-babies-healthy-futures-ending-the-cycle-of-prenatal-alcohol-and-drug-exposure/#sthash.cnkb41OV.dpuf

Gone too soon.
Perhaps it isn’t often enough we hear about selfless actions of community leaders – honored
by their community for the comfort & assistance they helped bring about.This is what I have
heard echoed across the Twin Cities about Hussein Samatar, who made many friends and allies
in his very active years since relocating to the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area from Somalia.  
I often wonder how any of us could thrive relocated in a new culture, without our familiar language
to fall back on? Not only did Hussein learn a new language, he became proficient and assimilated
quickly into the political system – learning the "ropes", if you will, in order to facilitate his fellow
immigrants into this foreign culture and better days.  So many fellow
East Africans have arrived here after “civil” wars have forced them away to safety.

I met Hussein Samatar around ten years ago.  Our paths crossed first at KFAI community radio,
where he became an active volunteer doing a weekly program, “Somali Voices” on Thursday
nights then becoming a board membershortly thereafter.  Samatar understood implicitly the
necessity of communication for the East African refugee community he was an active part of. 
It seemed as if he built bridges wherever he went. In emails circulating around KFAI, after his
recent death, his friendly smile, warmth and energy were admired greatly.  Not very long after
resettling and starting up the radio show, Mpls. Mayor Rybak appointed him to the Library Board.  
It wasn't too much later that he followed that up by starting the nearby African Development Center
in the Meridel LeSueur Center building on Riverside and 20th Avenue on the West Bank. Realizing
the need for a food service in the neighborhood he participated in developing the popular Afro Deli
on the corner which has grown leaps & bounds in a short time. The African Development Center was
the host site for amonthly "Business Breakfast" which was recorded for cablecast and run as a series
on MTN's channel 16 for the last few years.  The African Development Center, Afro Deli, and
"Somali Voices"radio program stand as monuments to his vision and community commitment. 

He is missed greatly.
Doug Cain, MTN
Are You A Good Fit?

MTN is seeking candidates from every background and every part of the city of Minneapolis
to serve on its Board of Directors. MTN is a public non-profit corporation that serves Minneapolis
by addressing the city's information and cultural needs through the production and broadcast of
community television programming on local, dedicated public cable channels. MTN's board members
play a vital role in the vibrancy and sustainability of community media in Minneapolis. If you are interested
in finding out more about these positions, you can visit the city's website at

Or you can contact Michael Fallon, MTN's executive director, at 651-331-8575 or michael@mtn.org.
Don't Worry! We Didn't Get Wet.

Yet another radical uprooting took place along the Minneapolis riverfront recently, as a broken water main flooded the building where MTN is located (in the Saint Anthony Main complex). According to reports, nearly four feet of water filled the main floor and basements here, and, as a result, many businesses have shut down while crews replace
soaked sheet rock, buckled floors, damaged electrical appliances and much more. Despite the turmoil, the Saint Anthony Main movie theater, Pracna restaurant, and MTN all remain open during this restoration process. And the Aster Cafe hopes to open again in early October.
MTN Loses Another Friend

MTN staff and community were also shocked and saddened by another sudden loss this past week. Rodger Mabie, a long-time employer of the Saint Anthony Main complex, was an active member at MTN, a good friend to many MTN staffers, and a volunteer crew person for our popular series, "Viva & Jerry's Country Music Videos." Rodger was often seen in a motorized cart during the Stone Arch Festival and during summer courtyard concerts at the complex. To MTN, he was always generous, allowing us to borrow tools, furniture, and his sound system from time to time. After a short hospitalization, he passed away suddenly, and many of us at MTN will miss his knowledge, skill, wit, and dependability. It's people like Rodger that keep the community together. Here's lookin' at you, Rodger! Peace...
Channel 16

Program subject areas: Community affairs/events, government & politics, local issues, public conversations, news & information

Channel 17

Program subject areas: Arts & leisure, lifestyle topics (including sports, documentaries & slice-of-life, humor &
comedy, food & cooking, families and parenthood, etc.), youth & education

Channel 75

Program subject areas: Spiritual & religious programming, questions of philosophy & existence

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