MTN Appoints New Executive Director

The Minneapolis
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MTN Appointed
Michael Fallon
as the New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Minneapolis Television
Network (MTN) announced on July 27, 2012 that they have appointed Michael Fallon as the
organization’s new executive director. Minneapolis Television Network is a local
nonprofit organization that provides public access television for the City of
Minneapolis, programming channels 16, 17 and 75 for Minneapolis Comcast cable
Fallon is an experienced nonprofit administrator whose background includes
significant experience in the arts, education, community organizing, journalism and
media. He had been serving since 2010 as the publications manager at Origins, an
educational nonprofit in Minneapolis. He got his first taste of community media
while studying English and art as an undergraduate at the University of California
Berkeley, while working as a reporter at the campus radio station, KALX‐FM.
Fallon is currently a resident of Mendota Heights. He returned to Minnesota from
Pittsburgh in 2006, after earning his master’s degree in nonprofit management from
the H. John Heinz School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon
University. Since 2006, Fallon has gained diverse and extensive skills as a nonprofit
fundraiser, program and project manager, organizer and strategic leader while
working for several arts and educational organizations and while organizing new
community programs. In particular, he served as the marketing and
communications manager and interim president/CEO at the Collaboration for the
Advancement of College Teaching and Learning and as the executive director of the
Northfield Arts Guild.
He hopes to bring his diverse experience to bear on creating a clear and successful
future vision for MTN. “Minneapolis Television Network has a strong history in our
community. One of my top priorities will be to work with the board, our members
and local producers and the community to help create a strong vision for MTN’s
future and a strong connection to the city,” said Fallon.
Fallon was hired to replace Pam Colby, who served as MTN’s executive director for
the past 14 years. Under Colby’s leadership, MTN survived economic uncertainty
and was able to continue to serve the diverse communities and citizens of the city
with an increased focus on youth and community involvement in education and
MTN began in 1984 with a mission to provide public access to television broadcast
equipment and to cable television channels for the diverse community. MTN serves
the residents of Minneapolis with tools, programs, and activities to engage and
connect diverse residents and institutions through the exchange of ideas, stories,
and information. In this way MTN strives to build a vibrant democracy in which all
share social, cultural, and economic vitality.
Today, MTN serves over 400 volunteer community producers with community
television productions taking place in every neighborhood in Minneapolis. The MTN
channels are available to cable subscribers who live within the boundaries of the
city of Minneapolis. For more information, please visit 
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