Dear MTN Producers and Supporters!

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Dear MTN producers and supporters:

For nearly 30 years, MTN has been the champion of community media in Minneapolis. Now, in a time of tightening resources, we're asking you to 
champion us in return.

Throughout 2013, starting with the "13 Ways of Looking at Minneapolis" project and continuing through the year to a 30th anniversary gala
celebration, we will be seeking support to keep MTN vibrant into our next 30 years.
Visit the "13 Ways" indiegogo support page today, read all about the project and what it intends to do, and donate whatever you can afford.

We welcome and encourage donations as small as $5 (via Paypal or major credit cards). It's your choice. And mark your calendars too for December 10 -- when we will begin accepting films to run as part of the "13 Ways of Looking at Minneapolis" show.

We thank you in advance for any support you can give.

See you at the gala screening!

Michael Fallon
Executive Director

Event Date
Accepting films at MTN for 13 Ways  
December 10, 2012

13 Ways of Looking at Minneapolis
Donate here: 13 Ways




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