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Student Internship at Minneapolis Television Network (MTN)

MTN began operations in 1984 with a mission to provide access to television broadcast equipment and to cable television channels for the diverse communities of Minneapolis. MTN's mission centers on empowering communities to bring their own unique voices to television. We are committed to freedom of speech for all. MTN enables all citizens to exercise this freedom by providing basic television production training, and by airing all work that is created by community producers on its cable channels. We empower media-makers, helping people transform from consumers of media into creators.

Our student internship program is project-oriented and designed to give the intern hands-on opportunities to apply the skills they have gained through their coursework in a community-based setting. MTN relies on interns to help us make dynamic, creative, and new shows that reflect the vitality of the arts and cultures of Minneapolis. Student internships activities could include:

- Partnering with local arts organizations or individual artists to create programs about Arts in the Twin Cities

- Editing footage from cooperative members to create a full-length show to air on our channels

- Creating their own shows in our studios or on the streets of Minneapolis that reflect their interests, passions, and creativity

- Teaching young people about video through our residencies in schools and our after-school/summer programs

- Assisting MTN's community producers on their shows or on shoots throughout the city for MTN's clients

We are looking for motivated and creative filmmakers who want to grow their skills while contributing to a justice-oriented media center where everyone's voice has a chance to be heard. You must be a college student currently attending school.


For more information contact
production manager Eboun at 612-331-8575 or